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About Jessica

I’m French! Voilà. We are born victims of style and fashion. I was an international model based in Paris for 15 years and had the privilege of working with some of the best stylists.

One learns the art of dressing and style in this environment but it is the chance to work with real people  that excites me the most. Finding practical, enhancing styles for expressing ourselves and our unique individuality is the most rewarding. I have learnt the techniques of style consulting in a top school in Paris and together with my previous work experience and you, we can enjoy a little revolution together.

For me fashion and style is an extension of our expression. It is what we reveal about ourselves to the outside world and so it should be something we take care of because it makes such a difference to the way we feel in the world.

My Services

Your style says it all! I want to celebrate who you are and assist you to look good and feel good. I have listed the services I offer and how it may benefit you. This process should be relaxed and fun and I assure you we can manifest your highest potential together.

YOUR PERSONAL STYLE CONSULTANT (at my studio)  Through various analysis techniques we can determine the colours, shapes and styles that suit you best.

WARDROBE PLANNING (at your home/following your style consultation) 3 hours : We all have those clothes that fill the closet but are never worn. There may be some surprises in there, that given a different outlook and put together in the right combination, may make their way back into your active wardrobe. Or, it may have to go make some space for some new additions! Of course your lifestyle, budget and personal style will determine this process, but a little cleanse is very satisfying.

PERSONAL SHOPPING : This is the fun part, putting all your new found guidelines and tricks into practise.

Overall, I hope to empower you through these consultations to make the right style choices armed with your own personal guidelines.



(+ Personal booklet) R2 500


(Post style consultation) 3hr / R3 300


Per hr / R1250


2hr / R2 500

SEASONAL UPDATE - (For existing clients only) 

Wardrobe re-evaluate + Shopping trip 
Up to 4hr / R4 500


Style consultation + 2hr Shopping trip R 4 500


Style consultation + Wardrobe planning R5 625


Style consultation + Wardrobe planning
+ 4hr Shopping trip 
R10 125



Thank you Jessica for the time spent with both of my teenage daughters. Besides for the fact that they had a great time with you, you boosted their egos, gave them confidence in their styles and you really understood their individualism that they show through their fashion choices and your understanding of them to be able to explain what works on them and what doesn’t with such a delicate hand is a gift! Everyone should get to do this!

Donatella M

“Just the other day I thought how much your “work” with me changed the way I dress and feel and look through the shops…it’s been amazing! “

Judith H.


“Many stylists try to model you in their own image…Jessica sees you for who You are and helps you be the best version of yourself. “

Georgia B

“My experience with Jessica was interesting, enjoyable and fun from start to finish. Her approach was professional and personal, and has made a huge difference not only on the content of my wardrobe, but also to my sense of style and self-expression. “

Tony D.


“Thank you for your professional, easy going and fun consultations and shopping trip! Your styling advice has helped me understand how better to shop for myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping experience! Thank you “

Nicky F.

“4th July was my best birthday ever, thank you sooo much! I am very much inspired by our session with you and intend gradually becoming
the colorful person I can be.”

Elma M.

“Thank you again for the style analysis and wardrobe consultation. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and found your help very useful. You are very encouraging and show good insight into how to read your clients! “

Sue J.

“Thank you SO much for your help and guidance-it has been such an eye-opening and liberating experience, to say the least the least! I will definitely be back in touch again for more advice. “

Amanda D.

“This has been the best money and time I spent on myself for a very long time and it’s been so fun! Thank you my very talented and cute and funny friend! “

Sophia B.


“I just wanted to say such a heartfelt thank you. I wake up excited to get dressed and walk with such pride every day. How I feel about who I am on the inside is now expressed to the world through what you have taught me and my fab wardrobe.
I am so grateful-your work is so important on so many levels.”



Jessica Rushmere

082 370 9993

Cape Town, South Africa

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