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The whole package of style and colour analysis to wardrobe planning was an absolute dream from start to finish. Jessica’s style quiz was bang on. And her patience in teaching me to pick the right colours in season was very appreciated. I never considered myself a winter, and having the phrase “bold and cold” in mind certainly helps when picking out new pieces to add to my wardrobe. I look forward to putting together new outfits from my beautifully curated and organized closet each day now- what a treat. Thank you for this life changing experience!


I want to tell you that I got so many compliments today, while I was doing my regular errands in Cape Town. Because I was in Joburg straight after our shopping day, I guess all the Jozi folk just assumed I was some glam gal from Cape Town, but when I got home and the folks here saw me out and about today – they really noticed the difference in me.

That is the true test of your amazing talent: even though they didn’t notice the new clothes – they all said “wow, you are looking so good!” of course it was because of your brilliant styling (and my fabulous new clothes)which made me feel so confident and beautiful – thank you my darling Jess. This is the best gift for any woman!!


I have been working with Jessica for over 10 years, and through her gentle process have come to understand that clothes are not synonymous with shopping; they are an expression of who we are. And because many of us have complex relationships with ourselves, and particularly our bodies, finding the right clothes to express ourselves and look our best is often not easy. Add to this the consumer overwhelm when vou walk into a shopping mall and the result is often disastrous! Jessica navigates this space with style and grace, and has helped me to express myself through what I wear in a way that is completely true to me.

She also has a knack of “seeing” more of myself than I can see sometimes, therefore helping me to reach a bit further in my expression. Through her thorough process and professional approach, she has saved me thousands of rands (that result from disastrous shopping trips) and hundreds of hours. I am so deeply grateful to Jessica for how she has helped me see myself and express this to the world.


Thank you Jessica for the time spent with both of my teenage daughters. Besides for the fact that they had a great time with you, you boosted their egos, gave them confidence in their styles and you really understood their individualism that they show through their fashion choices and your understanding of them to be able to explain what works on them and what doesn’t with such a delicate hand is a gift! Everyone should get to do this!

Donatella K.de M

“Many stylists try to model you in their own image… Jessica sees you for who You are and helps you be the best version of yourself. ”

Georgia B

“My experience with Jessica was interesting, enjoyable and fun from start to finish. Her approach was professional and personal, and has made a huge difference not only on the content of my wardrobe, but also to my sense of style and self-expression. ”

Tony D

Thank you for your professional, easy going and fun consultations and shopping trip! Your styling advice has helped me understand how better to shop for myself, but I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping experience! Thank you

Nicky F

4th July was my best birthday ever, thank you sooo much! I am very much inspired by our session with you and intend gradually becoming the colorful person I can be.

Elma M

Thank you again for the style analysis and wardrobe consultation. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and found your help very useful. You are very encouraging and show good insight into how to read your clients!

Sue J

I can’t recommend Jessica enough for her professional and empathetic personal style guidance which I’ve benefitted from so much. As a very self-conscious person with a ‘not-good’ self-image, I went into it feeling rather daunted. But Jessica quickly made me feel comfortable and understood. She makes it ‘all about you’ in the nicest possible way. A couple of times I had tough, emotional moments – facing aspects of my past, and mental & other habits which play out in my wardrobe etc- and she navigated those with me extremely well. Jessica is really knowledgeable, up-to-date and has a disarming sense of humour. I’ve found her to be very dedicated, generous, positive, helpful and fun to spend productive time with.

Jessica handled my awkwardness with a beautiful calm and compassion.
I learned so much from my first session with Jessica that was super enlightening, and which I still use all the time when making choices. Going shopping with Jessica is a fantastic experience. Like having a real ally with you. Someone with style and knowledge who is on your side, guiding you honestly and faithfully.

So that you get what’s really going to work for you in your life.


I just wanted to say such a heartfelt thank you. I wake up excited to get dressed and walk with such pride every day. How I feel about who I am on the inside is now expressed to the world through what you have taught me and my fab wardrobe.

I am so grateful-your work is so important on so many levels.